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SocialViralPro.com is one of the high-revered social media marketing agencies specializing in Facebook marketing. We offer personalized Facebook marketing plans that are exclusively tailored to help our clients reach their individualized marketing goals. Our team of professionals knows the minutiae of advertising on Facebook and we have a proven track record of successfully handling projects of all sizes. By availing our Facebook marketing services, you can quickly scale your business and reach new heights. 

How does our Facebook marketing service work?


  • Facebook Ad audience targeting: For the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, they need to be brought in front of the right audience. Our team of Facebook marketers invests considerable time in selecting the ideal ad audience, which is based on the interests, demographics and interests of your audience. 

  • Facebook ad design: Facebook allows brands to market their story in various ad formats. You can showcase your brand by using photos, videos, carousels, slideshows or a collection of pictures. Our creative design team is proficient in designing Facebook ads in any format and will bring your Facebook marketing goals to fruition. 

  • Facebook ad copywriting: Even though a picture can convey a thousand words, your Facebook ad still needs an engaging ad copy. Our team is capable of creating enticing ad copies that drive conversions. 

  • A/B testing for Facebook ads and landing page: We conduct A/B testing to find out if the Facebook ad campaign requires any kind of improvements for better performance. This allows us to make smarter decisions and implement quick changes to advertising campaigns. We also conduct A/B tests on the landing pages to know if our clients are getting the results that they desire. 

At SocialViralPro.com, our goal is to optimize the Facebook ads of our clients to maximize ROI. If you need help with Facebook marketing, contact us. 

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